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Designed and crafted with love, Justine’s myth-inspired jewellery is captivating, collectable and the stuff that legends are made of!

We hope you enjoy having a look around our website at our newest creations and find something that you truly fall in love with. When you do, make sure to grab it and make it yours as each item on here is made in limited quantities with some designs never repeated. Not to panic you, but once it’s gone it’s gone!

If you have any questions about the products, are interested in a commission piece or would like more information please get in touch here: info@justinecullen.com and we will be happy to help!

Fun facts about our company we’d like to share with you

We are extremely proud to be a British brand with all materials sourced responsibly and each item crafted in the UK. We are a small team but an awesome one and love taking great care of our customers, whether it’s a web purchase or a one off commission, making something our customer is excited to own is what drives us forward! The Justine jewellery brand is lovingly handcrafted in London by Justine and her team of highly skilled award winning jewellery professionals using both traditional and modern jewellery making techniques.

2014 was a huge year for the Justine brand during which two major projects ran side by side, Serpents’ Fortune and Phoenix Rising. The Serpent’s Fortune, a custom made one-of-a-kind ring and the first in a new range of fine jewellery and Phoenix Rising, a brand new edgy Sterling Silver collection which launched on KickStarter to great success in July 2014. Have a look at our campaigns for both projects here:

Click this link to view: The Serpents’ Fortune & The Goddess Of the Forest Campaign

Click this link to view: Phoenix Rising Commercial

Since then our little company has grown from strength to strength and has now reached all the way across the pond from the UK to LA! We are so excited to welcome the newest addition to our team, Dominique Romero, who is our exclusive US Sales Agent.

We are currently working towards a killer new collection for 2016, Valour…in celebration of bravery and courage…and are soon to release an exclusive range of high-end jewellery with a chic rock’n roll punky twist! We can’t wait to share all of these new adventures with you soon!

The low-down on the high-end

What’s that? You want to order something in Gold, Platinum and Diamonds…? Give us a shout here to discuss: info@justinecullen.com  

Justine Cullen – Jewellery Designer

Justine has been making beautiful custom jewellery from her own designs now for over 5 years. Her jewellery designs cover a wide range of metals and stones, including Silver, Gold, Platinum and stones such as Diamonds and crystals. Together with her team of award winning jewellery professionals, she is able to create just about anything from wedding rings to custom pieces.

Justine has created exclusive designs for celebrities and film, including clothing label Saint Kidd, owned by bass player Dougie Poynter from the band McFly.  Other clients include Model Nancy Sorrell, Dragons Den Investor Deborah Meaden, Model Ricky Hall, TV Presenter Layla Anna Lee, Baseball Star Derek Lowe, Hollywood Actress Alaana Ubach, Singer Carrie Hope Fletcher, British indi-film – Hard Boiled Sweets and most recently edgy British feature film, Spiked which is currently in development, and others.

Justine has already made many wedding rings and other bespoke items for very satisfied customers. If you’d like to order something you can buy securely online here through Pay Pal, or contact us if you’d like something more personal made and we can arrange a time to get together and discuss your ideas.


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Please get in touch if you have a project you would like to make, or if there’s something here you would like to talk to us about. You can order any piece directly from our online store. Payments are securely handled via Pay Pal.


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No Tiny Matter

The Double Serpentine… From the moment we first discussed design ideas it was clear that Tiny wanted a very unique piece of jewellery. He wanted something that he felt connected to. Something he could treasure forever. Our initial design meeting in a crowded London coffee shop was fun and full of energy. As we discussed ideas the conversation turned to Tiny’s love of Celtic knots. His ideas was to incorporate two serpents, each with the others tail though the mouth to symbolise the endless cycle of life, as in the end is also the beginning. We spoke for hours about the meaning of Celtic knots and the strong symbolism that the serpent portrayed. It was truly inspiring. With a head full of ideas I rushed back to the Loft Studio to gather my thoughts and put them into action. There were many things to consider, firstly the design had to capture Tiny’s inspiration but there is also a practical side to designing jewellery which had to be carefully considered. One of the main issues was that it had to be comfortable to wear. This was a big challenge as the design itself called for quite a substantial piece of jewellery in order to bring the intricate detail to life. Creating a timeless treasure can take months to complete. It’s not a straight forward process. Sometimes it’s necessary to have a few attempts and prototypes before the perfect piece is created. Working closely with Tiny on this custom piece of jewellery was very rewarding on so many levels as well as constantly challenging. During the design process and many hours...

Brand New Collection Alert!

Introducing The Valour Collection, in celebration of bravery, courage and individuality… It came in a dream, and after months of refinement in the design stage, here it is – the first piece of our brand new collection, the VALOUR necklace. VALOUR, a collection inspired by women around the world who are, often against all odds, making their own mark on life. Fearless and free spirited. Following their dreams with no limits. This collection is dedicated to all of you! The first piece to be released of this collection, the Valour Necklace will hit our website mid-September and will be available in limited quantity for purchase this festive season. The full collection is set for release early 2016! The Valour Collection is created in Sterling Silver with rich blackened tones throughout. Also available for custom order in White, Yellow, Rose Gold and Platinum. To pre-order get in touch here: info@justinecullen.com...

Rose Gold Found & Treasured

When Claire came to visit the Loft studio last March to enjoy some shopping she fell in love with one of our most coveted pieces, the Found Charm, part of our Treasured Necklace collection. As we played with the many ways in which you can wear the Treasured Necklace (FYI, we are up to 5 at the moment) the conversation quickly gained excitement when the offer to create a custom version of the Found Pendant in 18ct Rose Gold with a diamond set in the heart became an option. Levels of excitement have a way of escalating quickly in the Loft Studio when a great idea is realised. Needless to say a new version of a favourite piece was born that day! Thank you Claire for giving us the chance to make you something truly unique! *Love this piece? Want to order? Just click here: Treasured Found Check out how to wear our Treasured Necklace here: How To Wear it...