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Khalida Hand Sculpted Wooden Lamp


Beautiful hand sculpted wooden lamps to make your house glow with natural beauty, we proudly introduce the Khalida Lamp.

This one-of-a-kind creation is handcrafted from Hornbeam wood sourced locally from a trusted log supplier in the Kentish countryside. Part of our brand new range of handcrafted homewares in collaboration with super talented artist T. Bingham.

Khalida, a Gothic name meaning Immortal, captures the essence of this enchanted wood lamp for all it’s knots and radiant glow, it appears to holds stories from lifetimes gone by.

Cord Length:

*This item currently available for local collection only. If you would like to arrange another method for receiving this item please get in touch here: We are happy to help!

Available on backorder



Transforming each natural piece of wood into a beautiful lamp is a long process and something that we are extremely proud to share with you.

It all begins with a raw piece of wood which is hand selected by artist T.Bingham from a local log supplier in the beautiful Kentish countryside. Hours are spent searching through endless stacks of wood to uncover unique and well hidden treasures. Each individual piece is then stripped of the bark with a chisel to unveil unusual, sculptured shapes. The wood is treated and left to dry for several days and the process is repeated once more to create the base of the design.

The logs are then hand cut to the required size before being shaped and chiseled to remove splinters of wood that have feathered. A hole is drilled through the centre and chiseled at the base for the cable.

In the final stage the lamp is then oiled to preserve and draw out the natural colour and depending on the desired effect a stain may be added. Each unique wooden lamp has 2-3 coats of varnish creating a luxurious feel accentuating the woods deep textured tones. Once the varnish has dried the lamp is taken to a local certified electrician in Kent to be professionally wired and then fitted with an antique brass bayonet cap.

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