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Raven Star Log Candle Holder


Beautiful and charming log candle set guaranteed to make your home sparkle with a warm glow even during the darkest winter months!

The Raven Star candle has been lovingly handcrafted from a  Ash wood. The bark has been carefully removed from the large candle holder which has then been sanded to a smooth finish and hand-burned with a scattering of stars are set with faceted hematite beads throughout creating a twinkle effect once the candle is lit.

All of our log candle holders include a glass inner which has been permanently glued into place and will fit any tea light of your choice. Tea lights not included.

Want to make it personal….get in touch for custom orders here:

Measurements: Raven Star Candle Holder is approximately 11″ tall.

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We are excited to introduce a very special selection of goodies to enchant your home and make your gift giving irresistible. We have teamed up with local artist T. Bingham to create a unique collection of mementos using reclaimed wood adorning our original artworks.

Our new homewares collection is created using reclaimed and foraged wood sourced locally in the beautiful Kentish countryside. The Raven Star Log Candle is made using Ash wood which was  foraged in the woods of Kent from large wood that has naturally fallen off of trees and is then collected by T. Bingham and taken home to dry and prepare before use.

Once the wood is prepared the logs for the candle holders are loving hand cut, sanded and then the edges burnished and smoothed. The bark is carefully removed from the larger log which is then hand-burned with a scattering of stars. All three candle holders are set with faceted Hematite beads and then sealed with a special gloss. Each piece is handcrafted from large logs meaning no two are ever the same.

We don’t cut from or use wood blanks and each artwork is hand burned individually, not laser etched by machine. Yes, this definitely takes hours, but that’s also what makes each piece original and unique. A true treasure to own.

*We have taken every precaution to insure this product is easy and safe to use, however for your own safety please remember to never leave burning candles unattended.


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