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One of a kind necklace handcrafted in solid 18ct white gold with 215 small brilliant cut white pave set diamonds and 21 reverse set kite shaped black Sapphires. The Midnight necklace weights 136 grams, includes detachable diamond tassel back piece and features a high polished finish with black detail under the white diamond setting.

For more information including how to purchase please contact info@justinecullen.com

Scroll down to read the full story of how Midnight was created from concept to completion.



You are Midnight…
She steps into the dark to find the light. Holding all that is dear close to her heart. Curiosity runs through her veins so intensely that she appears to glow from the inside radiating out to all who see her. In the shadows she finds her strength, the bright light bounces from every angle of her shiny exterior. She is a warrior, a lover, a protector, a goddess, she is the majestic angel, Midnight .


The Making of Midnight
This project pushed serious design boundaries not only in the uniqueness of the design itself, but also in the sheer mechanics of it. What began three years ago as a much simpler design, evolved to reach a much higher concept, which pushed the boundaries of what was possible further and ultimately led to the creation of the final version of Midnight. The necklace consists of hundreds of small parts, all put together in a locking pattern. It took an entire year going back to the drawing board before my team and I came up with the final solution, which consisted of creating a seamless continuous pattern that had enough movement and flexibility to fit any body shape, while at the same time, lay flat against the chest and collar bones. Not an easy task! Midnight demanded this continuous pattern without any gaps between the links to inspire the ultimate design of mysterious wonderment. Midnight’s true magic finally evolved with its perfection of design, unique charm and timeless appeal.

The Journey Is Everything….
The Midnight project was completely secret for three years! It took two full years to build, and another full year to prepare for its debut. No one knew about it apart from the immediate team. It was by far the most difficult secret to keep in every way. During a business trip to Los Angeles in September of 2017, Midnight was privately shown to a very select few in preparation for the debut, which we were planning for at the start of the year. We had received much interest after our meetings, but it was the call we received in December that really accelerated our next steps. Pack your bags…next stop Los Angeles!


#GREATShowcase Los Angeles… 2018 kicked off with a bang and we were invited to debut Midnight at the prestigious #GREATShowcase event in Los Angeles! Annually held at the British Consulate, the event celebrates the very best in British design and luxury alongside brands such as Aston Martin and bespoke tailors Clements & Church.

Midnight in London… Following the success of our Los Angeles debut in January, we returned to the UK where we hosted a private reception at the Hoxton Hotel in the iconic fashion hot spot of Shoreditch located in central London. The reception and London debut for Midnight was held in celebration of London Fashion Week and was a huge success.

Designing and creating Midnight has been the most amazing project and opportunity I’ve ever had. I am grateful for the challenges that came with it and for all the learning along the way. It took a total of three years, from concept to design to completion. In those three years, my knowledge and ability to design fine jewellery has blossomed. The necklace itself consists of hundreds of separate parts with each part needing to move fluidly with the body, side to side, and also up and down. The biggest lessons I learned are that nothing is impossible, and that there is always a solution. You have to be brave and push through the fear to realise your dreams. Nothing in this world worth having is easy, but when you achieve something you thought you couldn’t, the reward is super sweet! In the Midnight hour, anything is possible.