Give a girl options and you give her the world!

This necklace has a unique feature…not only can you stack it full of charms but it can also be worn in at least 4 different ways. Well we say 4 but you might come up with some of your own versions too!! That’s what makes this piece so much fun and totally collectable.

We dedicate this necklace to all the girls out there who love options and enjoy changing their look to suit their mood!!

Check out our recent video from the Loft Studio to see our new creation in action and all of the wonderful things you can do with the Treasured Charm Necklace. We hope you enjoy watching!

The Treasured Necklace is available for pre-order only. Would you like to inquire about ordering? No problem, just get in touch here: justine@justinecullen.com with your details and include ‘Treasured’ in the subject bar.