Discover the legend surrounding our latest creation…. One that will enchant your imagination, opening the door to a world where mystique is intertwined with beauty.

The Goddess of The Forest in search of

The Serpent’s Fortune

The forest is rich in colour. Green moss covers the dark bark of the trees. Sunlight pierces through the branches which tangle and climb towards the open sky above.

There she stands, taking in the life that surrounds her, she is the voice of nature and the true embodiment of the deep beauty that radiates throughout the sun drenched landscape. A hiss whistles through the trees, luring her down the leaf covered path. The mystery of the forest intrigues her. Her curiosity is overwhelming, seducing her thoughts with emotion pulling her to discover the secrets that draw her deeper into the woods, the unknown stretched like open arms in front of her. Welcoming and accepting.

For she is Serpent’s Fortune, the healer the beholder…. See my reflection and you will see me. My true essence.

Goddess of the Forest starring Nancy Sorrell

Goddess of the Forest starring Nancy Sorrell

The finer details:

Last April I began designing the Serpent’s Fortune ring which was inspired by love and family history. The diamond was a treasured family heirloom, and it was my mother, Racquel, a spiritual healer in California, who suggested I incorporate the diamond into a contemporary design. The design is influenced by transformation and spiritual growth. The diamond in the centre represents the all seeing eye and the serpent coils around the stone to symbolise strength and courage.

During the Month of November 2013 I met Model Nancy Sorrell when she attended my private jewellery event. The Serpent’s Fortune ring was in the finishing stages, and during that visit, a plan for a photo shoot with her husband, Actor and Comedian Jim Moir began to take shape, I was thrilled for the opportunity to all work together. Nancy was the perfect fit for the story I was creating, the Goddess of The Forest, The Serpent’s Fortune and Jim, an amazing photographer and artist made the project come to life. Together the three of us made the perfect collaboration, it was one of those magical moments in time. The design was a whole year in the making with so much detail this piece took time to create and perfect. The ring is made in Platinum featuring a 3ct vintage diamond at the centre of the design with pave set diamonds around the band. Each scale of the serpent has been hand engraved for a beautiful detailed finish. This ring has a gorgeous weight to it which is a part of my signature style when designing. I like jewellery that has substance. Something that you know you’re wearing because you can feel the weight of it allowing you to not only see but to feel the quality and value of a piece.

The Original Vintage Diamond Ring:

The original Vintage Diamond Ring 'Sparkler'

The original Vintage Diamond Ring ‘Sparkler’

Another view of Original Vintage Diamond Ring

Another view of Original Vintage Diamond Ring

Transformed into the Serpent’s Fortune:

Goddess of The Forest

Serpent's Fortune Ring

As featured in Hello! Magazine

Nancy Sorrell Hello Magazine - Serpents Fortune

The Serpent’s Fortune ring will be privately shown in LA during the summer of 2014 and is the first piece in a selection of high-end event jewellery, an exciting new adventure for our growing brand. To make an appointment to view this piece please contact us here: info@justinecullen.com