The Enchanted Spiked Pear Ring, shining of magic and mystery.


Layla Ring - 11

One-Of-A-Kind Enchanted Spiked Pear Ring in 18ct Yellow Gold

On a bright sunny spring day of March 2015 I had the pleasure of catching up with Leyla and Shawn Makris, two very close friends of mine living in an enchanted place not far from the coast in Southern California.

Leyla and I were enjoying a fun catch up together. As our girl talk transcended from boots to jewellery, she said she had something to show me and presented me with a jewellry pouch. Inside was a beautiful Pear Shaped Diamond which had been given to her some time ago by her loving husband, Shawn.

As she placed the pouch in my hand she asked if I could design her a ring using this very special diamond. The diamond was gorgeous. As I turned it in my hand it threw rays of light across the room. There was a magic to this stone.

Excitement levels rose to an all-time high as ideas for the design came in fast. It wanted to be unusual, timeless, a statement piece but understated. Yellow Gold and in my mind maybe a few extra diamonds thrown in for good measure, a little extra sparkle to really allow the design to come to life.

Leyla was open to giving me the freedom to design her something special. My idea was unusual, it incorporated some classic elements with a little twist. This seemed like the perfect match for Leyla’s personality. A great expression of her.

As the design image formed in my mind over the coming days I was anxious to return to the UK to begin creating this one-of-a-kind ring. Over several months and lots of planning the ring was ready to deliver in August 2015. During my trip to LA in August I had the honour of delivering this ring to Leyla and Shawn. It’s not often that I get the chance to be present for this part so it was an extra special moment in time for sure.

This piece gave me so much joy to work on. Thank you Leyla and Shawn for allowing me the pleasure of turning your beautiful diamond into a keepsake to treasure forever!

The Enchanted Spiked Pear Ring: Custom made and one-of-a-kind, this ring was lovingly handcrafted in London using both modern and traditional jewellery making techniques. Crafted in 18ct Yellow Gold featuring a beautiful pear shaped Diamond with small diamonds throughout. All of the materials used are sourced responsibly in the UK.

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