With every effort to avoid dropping the ‘C’ word too early this season, it’s inevitable time is once again approaching. To make the transition easier,  we thought we would unveil the first stage of our newest project and give you a glimpse of some of the creations that will be on offer this upcoming festive season!

After a full year of planning, sampling and testing we are proud to introduce a very special selection of goodies to enchant your home and make your gift giving irresistible the upcoming Christmas season. We have teamed up with local artist T. Bingham to create a unique collection of mementos using reclaimed wood adorning our original artworks. Come and take a look at the first pieces from this fab new collection…

Large handcrafted wooden coaster set

Limited Edition large handcrafted drink coasters made from sweet chestnut wood, hand-burned with our original artwork and set with faceted hematite beads

Square wooden handcrafted coaster set with stars

Drink coasters handcrafted from pallet wood dated 1947! Sourced locally from a farm in Kent with hand-burned stars and set with faceted hematite beads



How our new adventure into homewares came to life

Last Christmas, model Nancy Sorrell introduced us to local artist T. Bingham who specialises in using wood and other materials. We thought it would be fun to discuss some design ideas and the possibility of creating a range of covetable homewares to include our original artworks. With fantastic creative flow lots of ideas started to transpire into a unique selection of goodies.

Our new homewares collection is created using reclaimed and foraged wood sourced locally in the beautiful Kentish countryside. Wood for this project ranges from pallet wood, sourced from farms around Kent with the pallets dating back to 1947. Other wood used includes cherry wood, ash, sweet chestnut, and lilac wood all foraged in the woods of Kent from large wood that has naturally fallen off of trees and is then collected by T. Bingham and taken home to dry and prepare before use.

The wood is then loving hand cut, sanded, hand-burned with a selection of our artwork, drilled and set with faceted Hematite beads and lastly is then sealed with a special gloss. Each piece is hand crafted from wood meaning no two are ever the same. In the larger slices of wood you can see the rings signifying the age of the tree and the amazing story it holds within it’s bark.

We don’t cut from or use wood blanks and each artwork is hand burned individually, not laser etched by machine. Yes, this definitely takes hours, but that’s also what makes each piece original and unique. A true treasure to own.