I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our site. We encourage you to have a look around.. comment on our blogs, send us emails. We’d really love to hear from you!
It’s been a year long process, but it’s finally here, we have an online presence!
This past year Justine and myself have been preparing to launch this jewellery company. It’s been a journey full of lessons learned, experience gained, questions asked…the list doesn’t end. It’s been hard work, it’s been testing..and for the first time in a year we really feel like the hard work has helped us accomplish this milestone.
Season 1 has been complete.. and we’ve been recommissioned for a second series.
Anyone who has Sky Atlantic (or HBO, for the international readers!) I would really recommend a recent drama called “How to make it in America”… Justine and I watched it over and over again. Without wanting to drop too many spoilers it’s about two guys from New York City looking to break into the fashion industry. It was completely on our wavelength and totally inspirational for what we were doing.
Ben and Cam, the two lead characters know what they want, but they don’t know how to get it. The duo rely on the combination of Ben’s talent and Cam’s belief in his colleague and his impenetrable determination to achieve success. Together they know that they can get the break they are looking for and turn their fortunes around.
Despite the unsubtle external differences… (the suburban Kent countryside and the New York metropolis being the most gaping) there are so many intrinsic similarities to draw to our situation. Both teams know that it’s down to us to make our own luck.
We just need to keep the ratings high enough to allow the success to flow!