The Double Serpentine…

From the moment we first discussed design ideas it was clear that Tiny wanted a very unique piece of jewellery. He wanted something that he felt connected to. Something he could treasure forever.

Our initial design meeting in a crowded London coffee shop was fun and full of energy. As we discussed ideas the conversation turned to Tiny’s love of Celtic knots. His ideas was to incorporate two serpents, each with the others tail though the mouth to symbolise the endless cycle of life, as in the end is also the beginning. We spoke for hours about the meaning of Celtic knots and the strong symbolism that the serpent portrayed. It was truly inspiring.

With a head full of ideas I rushed back to the Loft Studio to gather my thoughts and put them into action. There were many things to consider, firstly the design had to capture Tiny’s inspiration but there is also a practical side to designing jewellery which had to be carefully considered. One of the main issues was that it had to be comfortable to wear. This was a big challenge as the design itself called for quite a substantial piece of jewellery in order to bring the intricate detail to life.

Creating a timeless treasure can take months to complete. It’s not a straight forward process. Sometimes it’s necessary to have a few attempts and prototypes before the perfect piece is created. Working closely with Tiny on this custom piece of jewellery was very rewarding on so many levels as well as constantly challenging. During the design process and many hours of research it became clear that from the Celtic perspective, the serpent is a symbol of secret knowledge, cunning and transformation. With this in mind the design began to take shape and transcend into a very special project.

Thanks Tiny, this ring was so much fun to make for you!


The Double Serpentine Ring: Custom made and one-of-a-kind, this ring was lovingly handcrafted in London using both modern and traditional jewellery making techniques. Crafted in Sterling Silver with one serpent in black rhodium plate and the other in a sandblast finish creating a unique contrasting effect.


A picture of Tiny wearing his custom made Double Serpentine ring along with his unique favourites which he has collected over the years.

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