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I recently had the pleasure of creating a very special engagement ring featuring a Morganite gemstone. In recent years Morganite has become a very popular choice for engagement rings for it’s beauty and value for money is second to none.

During the design process the journey to finding the perfect gem for my client began. This is always the fun part and the most rewarding. Like a treasure hunt with a truly sparkly reward at the end!

Wild Flower Ring


Here are a few fun facts that you might like to know if you are interested in using Morganite in a special piece of your own.


The Arkenstone www.iRocks.com Morganite on Schorl

Morganite is one of the most admired gems due to its beauty and delicate colour. Named as the gemstone of Divine Love, it brings compassion, assurance, healing and promise to all who wear it.

Morganite is a rare semi-precious gemstone and ranges in hue from vivid pink to peach and is part of the Emerald barrel family. Morganite, originally called pink barrel, was first discovered in the early 1900’s in Madagascar and then shortly after in California by George F. Kunz, the chief gemologist at Tiffany & Co. Soon after it’s discovery Kunz was to give the gemstone it’s official name, Morganite after JP Morgan, in honor of the legendary financier, philanthropist and avid gem collector.

Morganite is cut in standard as well as custom shapes and cutting styles, and comes in all sizes. – Robert Weldon

Finding the perfect gem and what to look out for:
The most important things to look for in coloured gems are the cut, clarity and colour. I’ve listed a few simple guidelines to help you choose your perfect Morganite gemstone.

Cut: If you’re choosing a faceted gem look for a cut that has brilliant sparkle to it from every angle and make sure that when viewing the gem from the top you can’t see all the way through it. For example, it shouldn’t be clear in the middle. It should have even facets with lines that join and are not off center. If the colour is strong around the outer rim of the gemstone and clear in the middle the cut isn’t a good one. Likewise if you can see any scratches on the gem the polish is low quality. The cut and polish of a gemstone will bring out it’s natural brilliance. Commercial cut gems can cost less but the cut and polish can be below standard. Spending a little more for a precision cut gemstone will not only add to the value of your finished piece but will give it the wow factor. A good guide to buying is that bigger is not always better. Sometimes a smaller gem can cost more but the cut, quality and colour are outstanding. A good cut and polish will transform this already gorgeous gem into a piece of art.

Clarity: Morganites are widely available in nice clean gems meaning that to the naked eye you shouldn’t see any inclusions, small debris that exists naturally within the stone. If you are purchasing a Morganite make sure your gem is transparent meaning that it’s clean of large inclusions. The cleaner the Morganite the more valuable it is. If you can see lots of inclusions with the naked eye the Morganite is of low value.

Colour: Morganite gemstones are know for their transparent peach pink color and come in a verity of hues from pale pink to pink, vivid pink to peachy pink. Heat treatment on these gemstones is industry standard although it’s a current trend to search for an un-heat treated Morganite as they add to and hold their value over time.

Where does Morganite come from:
Morganite gemstones are mined in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Afghanistan, Mozambique, Namibia, and the US. While it’s only a minor producer today, the original Madagascar deposit still sets the standard for the best material.

Wild Flower Ring

Morganite vs Diamond…the low down…
A Morganite gemstone is a beautiful choice and perfect feature gem for an engagement or dress ring. It’s a unique alternative to a diamond and is an affordable way to achieve a stunning piece. Morganite is very hard wearing and is classed with a rating of 7.5 to 8 out of 10 on the Mohs gem scale. This gem is also available in lots of different shapes and perfect for a custom cut if desired. The combination of high hardness, durability, clarity and beautiful color makes Morganite rings very valuable and a perfect alternative to a traditional diamond engagement ring.


In conclusion, Morganite is a fantastic choice for engagement rings and is said to bring joy, healing, compassion, assurance and promise to all who wear it. It’s hard wearing and great value for money and above all it’s beauty is timeless.

Wild Flower Ring, now available for custom order here: Wild Flower Ring

Please note: All of the gemstones we work with are conflict free and come from trusted reliable sources in the UK. We take great care and pride when supplying the perfect gem to make your most treasured piece. For more info or to discuss a commission please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you info@justinecullen.com