Our first big commission this summer was to create custom wedding rings for Kevin and Cherilyn’s June wedding in beautiful, and on that day, sunny England.


Chez and Kev Ring - 2

The journey to creating the perfect bespoke wedding rings for Kevin and Cherilyn was both exciting and inspired. They are deeply in love and share a very special spiritual connection. With so much symbolism running thorough their relationship and the love they share for life and each other it was key to get the essence of this across in the design of the rings.


We didn’t live near enough to meet in person and so the entire design process took place over Skype. During our conversation we had a chance to discuss ideas and symbols that were important to both of them. It became clear that although they are two very individual people they also fit together perfectly, like two parts of the same puzzle.

After our initial meeting the idea of the two of them fitting together as one started to take shape and became the driving force behind the design, so much so that the idea of a puzzle, pieces that link and slot together became the true fabric and soul of both rings. From that point two new designs were born.

Both rings share inspiration for their free spirited nature but as individual rings Cherilyn’s has an other worldly medieval twist while Kevin’s has a modern feel. Both rings incorporate the puzzle effect. If you take a close look you will see that the pattern on each ring has a mirror effect with the recess area the same as the prominent.

Chez and Kev Ring - 3

The technical stuff behind the design:
Both rings were created using a combination of modern and traditional jewellery making techniques, hers in 18ct white gold and his in sterling silver. Cherilyn’s ring is set with diamonds and both rings share the same finish of sandblast in the recess area and bright shine on the prominent detail. Each ring is a complete one of a kind just as Kevin and Cherilyn both are.

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Wedding photos courtesy of dagmara@photographer.net