Sarah Fab Pascoe backstage at Sachika and Bebe.
February is a great time in New York. OK maybe not where the weather is concerned but if you like the fun of Fashion Week then it’s an exciting time with lots of buzz in the city. My best friend and super talented Make-Up Artist, Sarah Fab Pascoe worked at some amazing shows during this Februarys’ New York Fashion Week. I thought it would be fun to catch up with her and find out what it was like. I’m very excited to share with you some of Sarah’s handy Make-up tips for us girls to try at home as well as a few backstage pics of her makeup jobs during the show.
Justine: Hi Sarah. Can you tell us what your favourite make-up look was at NY Fashion Week?
Sarah Fab Pascoe: It was one of the looks I worked on for the Sachika show. The theme of the show was inspired from the Black Swan film. The key makeup artist Orlando Santiago created a look that was very theatrical but still very high fashion. 
J: Which shows did you do make-up for? 
S: I was not the key artist on any of these shows, but did work under a few different artists at Perry Ellis Men, Sachika and Bebe.
Bebe look applied by Sarah Fab Pascoe – Key Artist James Vincent
J: What are the next big make-up trends for spring/summer? Any tips on how to create these looks using simple techniques that we girls can try at home?
S: For spring and summer we are seeing a bold use of colour on the eye, but only a sweep on the eyelid with the eyeliner or with the eyeshadow but keep it reserved to the lid only. Also bright colours for the lips in orange, coral, bright pink are very popular but if you are going for this go softer on the eye colour.
 J: What’s your must have product, the one you never take out of your make-up bag?
S:  A great concealer for the eye area! Right now I am using one from Cargo called Jet Lag, which is a treatment as well to reduce darkness and puffiness. I like to use it on my eyelid as well because I get more darkness in this area. You can wear concealer alone and it is still going to brighten up the eye area with out wearing any other makeup. I also have 2 other concealers that I use from Makeup Up Forever ,which I might add is one of my favourite makeup lines of all time. I also like to always carry something for the lip, lip liner, lipstick and or gloss. And I always have a gel eye liner in my bag to create the liquid eyeliner cat eye effect. One of my favourites!
J: What’s your favorite tune of the moment?
S: Dark Bass – Phunk Investigation, it’s one of those dark techno tunes that makes me want to bite someone (haha) and now I’m going to get super cheesy – DJ, You’ve Got My Love – Richard Dinsdale – Bouncy House track, reminds me of CA house parties from the past and brings me a little bounce and sunshine right now in this cold ass city!!!
Thanks Sarah! You’re a star.
If you’d like to learn more about Sarah Fab Pascoe, I highly recommend that you visit her website, www.sarahpascoe.com, and have a look through her amazing portfolio of work. She is currently in NY City. If you’d like to contact her please click here