All things bright and beautiful in Morocco

Short haul – sun – good food- great shopping – great prices – style – culture and a sense of stepping back into another time ….

Morocco has all of this to offer and more for the intrepid traveler bored with a short break to the likes of Barcelona or Rome. Don’t get me wrong, I love Spain and Italy for a short haul destination but I’ve been there and got the t shirt etc ….

No Euros here – which is one of the things I like best , a country still with its own identity on its money. It’s a closed country for currency – you can’t take it in or out ! Best to get what you need at the airport and then change up the majority when you are settled.

Morocco makes you sit up and think – after all you are east, no longer in the west so there is lots to consider.  Respect is important in a Muslim country, it allows you to be yourself while abiding by their rules. It is the law that you cannot be drunk on the streets and although there is alcohol at most places it is not a free for all booze up spilling out onto the streets.

What to wear ….
So  it’s a little sophisticated, bohemian, deeply exotic and very cool.  It’s best to consider what you wear – it’s not a place to shake ya booty in your mini skirt more float in a suliki, skinnys, cool t’s, pashminas and kaftans. Converse, ankle boots, flip flops and trainers for the day, beware the cobbles can be harsh! At best  no one will take you seriously if you get it wrong, at worse you can actually offend those around you, and lay yourself open to intimidation!

What to do …..
There is lots to see and do – a great place for photographers, artists and lovers, romantics and people watchers alike. It is simply a treat for the senses.  Culturally it is diverse, antique and proud of its history. There are museums, galleries and gardens, spilling into many many guide books- for me on my first two trips I have observed its people, ate their food, drank their wine, relaxed, shopped, drunk cocktails at sunset, rode Arabian stallions on the beach, enjoyed tea with taxi drivers and made friends and invested my interests to return knowing there is more to discover.

What to eat..
Moroccan food is not too hot or spicy. But full of flavour with the regular staples of cous cous and delicious lamb and vegetable tangines laced with apricots, figs and almonds. Delicious crispy pastries called Pastillas filled with chicken, pistachio and dusted with icing sugar are a sweet/savoury delight. The street food is some of the best I’ve tasted worldwide. Mint tea is delicious and refreshing.

My favourite alternatives to local food ranged from simple charcoal grilled fish, langoustines and calamari fresh from the sea served with lemon juice, salt and pepper or fluffy omelets served with fries and olives – all cuisine is available to suit all tastes.

We ate some of the best pasta outside of Italy I have ever tasted as well as super club sandwiches.

Best time to go …
Avoid the heat and crowds of tourists in July and August! I would suggest March – May and Sept- Nov. Easy jet offers great deals on flights through out the year.

Tomorrow , my recommendations on where to stay ……